Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Megadeath plus heavy mods on GT6 bonnet

As the megajolt project was getting really close - everything was in place and wired in. I turned the key, got the engine running fine in limp home node. Engine of, plug megajolt box in and start engine. Limp home runs excellent, but no communication with megajolt. It appears that the megajolt unit got fried by a voltage spike from the crappy old repro lucas generator.  Back to delco :-(

Next on the agenda was the spare GT6 bonnet that The Mad Welder had hoarded. It was in a miserable state, and just about the only thing that was salvageable was the top-plate. Which suited me fine as the top-plate on my GT6 was buggered beyond repair.

Start modding:

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Megajolt getting even closer!!!

Bracket for coilpack was made. Design as per Frederick from Sideways Technologies
Oh - and new silicone hoses as it turned out that the old rubberhoses were shot after two years of service

 And finally - Megajolt Edis mounted on the inside horesontal part of the firewall using the pedalbox bolts

Monday, 12 March 2012

Megajolting efforts plus new u-joint

Haven't updated the blog for ages, which reflect the progress on the spit and GT6 rather well, errm

So this weekend there finally were some progress. Took the radiator out in order to fit the trigger-wheel sensor for the megajolt install. While the rad were out I gave it a qiuck clean and a lick of paint as some rust were surfacing.

The Mad Welder were so kind to produce a sturdy bracket from 3mm steel for the triggerwheel sensor. After drilling a few holes for the bracket it was easily fitted.

Also the drivers side rear axle had develope a slight klnocking due to worn u-joins - so a new u-joint were fitted. A lick of paint for those axles as well :-)

Megajolt are now ready for install - all wiring complete (Thanks again to the mad welder) Just need to find a bit of time....

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rebuilding rockers

Work beginning by giving two old set of rockers a sonic bath

Hopefully there will be enouigh parts to make one good set.

When this is done I will swap out the worn one in the car - hopefully the car does not have to be out of service then.

Pics galore:

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Sunday, 5 June 2011


Time for thiis years autojumble at Gavnoe. It is an annual show with appr. 1.000 cars on show.

The type of cars are wildly different. From concourse Rolls Royce to tatty Mazdas

Well, before getting to Gavnoe I gave the car a good wash, fresh oilfilter and oil, and just for the fun of it, a magnetic sumpplug I had.

On a sidenote - the classic gold filter does NOT have a satisfying oilvalve, so I am still lacking oilpressure for the first ten seconds cranking.

Nice magnetic drainplug. Hopefully nice and clean at the next oilchange. The oil I took out where not to bad. A tad darker than what went in 3.000 miles ago, but still brownish and transparent

Fair bit of triumphs, most of them very polished TRs though. A bit boring really

I met Peter S. with his family in their new 2000 mk2. Nice straight car in need of a respray.

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